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REACH Innovation provides specific coaching for supporting research and innovation project cooperation within the EU-Brazil collaboration program, and general support for projects with Latin American partners.

With the EU-Brazil Cooperation Coaching, REACH provides support for understanding the EU funding options, building qualified consortia and for preparing project proposals for the EU-Brazil Research Collaboration Programme.

REACH also participates as Project Partner in EU-Brazil Projects, dealing with Project Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation, Quality Assurance, and Innovation Management.

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Below you find some important Networks that support the EU-Brazil Cooperation:



EU-Brazil Coordinated Calls:

There were already 4 Coordinated Calls for Project Proposals within the EU-Brazil Research Collaboration Programme, elaborated by the European Commission together with the Brazilian Government (currently Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa RNP). The 3 first EU-Brazil Coordinated Calls have accepted respectively 5 (EUB-2011), 4 (EUB-2013) and 5 (EUB-2015) projects, as shown below.


EU-Brazil 4th Coordinated Call (EUB-2017): The 4th and last Coordinated Call closed in 2017 and selected 6 projects concerning 3 main areas: Cloud Computing;  Internet of Things (IoT) Pilots; and 5G Networks. Priorities for those calls were given to  the development of future technologies considering the 3Os: Open data, Open platform and Open science.

Call for Cloud Computing Projects (EUB-01-2017) focused on the development of innovative technologies for next generation cloud infrastructures and services able to address the requirements and tackle the challenges from high impact socio-economic applications; standardisation, such as interoperability and data portability, should be the enabler to develop secure and trustworthy applications. Two projects were financed with a total budget of 5M Euros (2,5M Euros from each EU-BR agency).

Selected Projects in the category Cloud Computing:

1. ATMOSPHERE: Adaptive, Trustworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure, Privacy-assuring, Hybrid Ecosystem for REsilient Cloud Computing

2. NECOS: Novel Enablers for Cloud Slicing

Call for Internet of Things (IoT) Pilots (EUB-02-2017) aimed at demonstrating the IoT technologies and applicability of the already developed platforms in real-word scenario addressing specific socio-economic challenges in real-life settings. Three projects were financed, proposing pilots applied to government and private sector with a total funding of 9M Euros (4,5 M Euros from each EU-BR agency). The 5 areas of interest for this call are: (1) Environmental Monitoring; (2) Smart Water Management; (3) Energy Management; (4) Smart Assisted Living and Well-being; and (5) Smart Manufacturing. The projects test pilots involve end-users on both EU-Brazil sides.

Selected Projects in the category Internet of Things:

1. SWAMP: Smart Water Management Platform

2. OCARIoT: smart childhood Obesity CARing solution using IoT potential

3. FASTEN: Flexible and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems for Custom-Designed Products

Call for 5G Networks Projects (EUB-03-2017) intended to support the development of innovative technologies in the context of 5G radio access or core network, to provide solutions for demanding requirements of "vertical" sectors or for coverage of low density regions. One project was financed in this call with a total funding of 2M Euros (1M Euros from each EU-BR agency).

Selected Project in the category 5G Networks:

1. 5G-RANGE: Remote area Access Network for 5th GEneration

Learn more about all the 6 selected projects in the 4th EU-BR Coordinated Call HERE!

Links to some of the running EU-Brazil Projects (websites):

EU-Brazil Cloud Connect; Global ITV Project; FIBRE Project; Project Rescuer; EUBRA-BIGSEA; IMPReSS Project; and FUTEBOL (Federated Union of Telecommunications Research Facilities for an EU-Brazil Open Laboratory).

As stated by the RNP R&D Coordinator Wanderson Paim, "The benefits from EU-BR cooperation are important in several levels: Strategic wise, since we are cooperation on topics which are common interest between Brazil and European Union. Tactic, since both European and Brazilian institutions work together to elaborate and execute these projects, sharing same information and interests. Operational, where researchers, students, professors, industry professionals work directly with European partners in developing products, prototypes and scientific productions”. (Source from RNP in Portuguese).


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