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REACH EUB-Days 2018 in Brazil: Exploiting Oportunities of Participation in Collaborative Research, Development and Innovation Projects with the EU.

 REACH EUB Day Rio 2018REACH EUB Day Recife 2018

REACH Innovation is honoured to be invited in 2018 by the Institute ILTC, our representation & partner in Brazil, and by the Federal University of Pernambuco UFPE for an Information-Seminar-Day about the its services for supporting research and innovation project cooperation involving Brazilian and European partners, in existing opportunities in the remaining Horizon2020 program, as well as in the EU-Brazil collaboration program.

In January 2017, REACH also presented a version of the REACH EUB-Day in Rio de Janeiro: REACH EU-Brasil 2017  (All Presentations - in Portuguese - links can be found HERE. Complete Information about the event available on: Thee success of the REACH EUB-Day 2017 event was a consequence of the extraordinary support from the organization (ILTC) and supporting sponsor (Módulo), as well as perfect atmosphere achieved during REACH's presentations, among the interested participants and the invited Guests. (Photos of the event can be seen here)

In March 2018 there are 2 planned Information-Seminar-Days: One in Rio de Janeiro and one in Recife, Pernambuco. The REACH EUB-Day in Rio de Janeiro will happen on Tuesday, 13.March.2018, in the INFNET Institute in the center of Rio. The REACH EUB-Day in Recife will happen on Tuesday, 20.March.2018, in the Federal University of Pernambuco UFPE. Both events aims to join interested stakeholders from Brazil (professionals from public and private sectors, researchers, academic professors, and entrepreneurs), willing to participate in international projects. Emphasis will be given to program calls in the areas of ICT (Information Communication Technology).


The Programme of both REACH EUB-Day 2018 events include:

  • Opportunities for Collaboration Projects in Research, Development & Innovation with the EU
  • The EU-Brazil Cooperation Program & Respective Responsible Institutions in Brazil
  • ICT EU-Brazil Program & Priorities of the next Coordenated Call.
  • REACH Services supporting the EU-Brazil Collaboration Program
  • Panel about Success Cases: Experiences with on-going EU-Brazil Projects
  • Potential Partners for EU-Brazil & other International Collaboration Projects (Módulo, UFPE, et al.)


The event REACH EUB-Day 2018 Rio is sponsored by Módulo enterprise in Brazil.
The event REACH EUB-Day 2018 Recife is sponsored by UFPE in Brazil.
Both events REACH EUB-Days 2918 Rio & Recife are organized by ILTC in Brazil.



REACH Innovation: Consolidated Competence for supporting Innovative International Projects since Proposal Preparation, reaching out to Development Impact and Innovation Assessment, Stakeholders Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation, as well as Project Management and Customized & Specialized Technical Developments and Evaluation Services in ICT. Extra Consulting Competence for supporting: EU-Brazil Research Collaboration Projects & Research Projects with Latin America.

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