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Apart from the Project Preparation main services, there is a palette of extra services that REACH Innovation also offers, including: support for managing on-going projects, training & seminars as support for research and innovation cooperation in industry–academia partnerships, support for disseminating the developments and results of on-going projects, support for research and innovation project cooperation within the EU-Brazil collaboration program, and general support for projects with Latin American partners.

The extra services offered by REACH Innovation are summarized in the following modules:

EU-Brazil Cooperation Coaching: Support for preparing project proposals for the EU-Brazil Research Collaboration Programme.

Training & Seminars: Specific training seminars and webinars related to all main services offered by REACH.

Project Dissemination: Support for disseminating the developments and results of on-going projects.

Proposal Management: Support for managing on-going projects.

Technical Consultancy: Technical support concerning specific expertise required within a project or project proposal preparation.



REACH Innovation: Consolidated Competence for supporting EU Project Proposal Preparation, Dissemination & Project Management. Customized & Specialized Evaluation Services in ICT. Extra Consulting Competence for supporting: EU-Brazil Research Collaboration Projects & Research Projects with Latin America.

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