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REACH provides specific services to pre-evaluate projects proposals, so that they can achieve the expected impacts of their respective EC Program Call.

The Proposal Evaluation Service concentrates specifically on the main criteria of Excellence, Impact and Implementation. It provides the project proposal partners with a trustful and realistic scoring estimation, performed by experts, including grounded reasons for the given scores and recommendations for improvements whenever applicable. This service can significantly improve your proposal and consequently make it achieve higher scores in the EC evaluation process, which results on better chances for being funded.

REACH Innovation Expert Evaluation of almost-ready-to-submit Proposals:

If you already have written a project proposal, within the EC expected format, that is tailored for your specific EC Program & Call and that can be considered to have a competitive project proposal status,
but you are not completely sure about the Excellence criterion of the concept of your proposal, in terms of being really beyond the state-of-the-art; and/
or you need support in reviewing the Impact criterion of your proposal, so that the concept of your proposal reaches potential competitive areas within European markets, having high technical and social-economic potential impacts;
or you need support of experts to effectively pre-evaluate your project proposal with qualified and experienced critical eyes,
then this Service is what you need!


REACH Innovation: Consolidated Competence for supporting EU Project Proposal Preparation, Dissemination & Project Management. Customized & Specialized Evaluation Services in ICT. Extra Consulting Competence for supporting: EU-Brazil Research Collaboration Projects & Research Projects with Latin America.

Contact us and let REACH help you reach your targets!

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