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ILTC framed newILTC (Instituto de Lógica, Filosofia e Teoria da Ciência)

The research institute ILTC -  Institute of Logic and Theory of Science, is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since 2016 ILTC represents REACH Innovation Consultancy in Brazil. It has been involved in various projects with multiple Brazilian universities; big and small industrial partners; as well as with some international organizations.

The Institute ILTC, our representation & partner in Brazil, had the pleasure to organize with REACH Innovation Consultancy in 2017 and in 2018,  Information-Seminar-Days REACH-EUB-Days  about the the services and partnerships offered by REACH for supporting research and innovation project cooperation within the EU-Brazil collaboration program. See more details about it here and here.

ILTC supports REACH with Application Consulting and Project Management services for Research and Development Projects in Brazil and in Latin America. ILTC is based in Rio de Janeiro.

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