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George Panagiotopoulos REACH GR George P framed new1 (MA, B.Sc.)

George Panagiotopoulos is IT-Development Consultant of REACH Innovation EU-GR, the subsidiary of REACH Innovation (EU-AT) in Greece.

George Panagiotopoulos holds a BSc in Modern European Studies and an MA in International Relations from Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham respectively. He has a teaching experience in political science understanding but his main career involves web designing, maintenance of networks and servers and also hardware support and team management. He has worked in various positions and since 2015, he works as Head of IT in Aviatec’s Training Center where his duties include, inter alia, the setup and maintenance of the company’s examination system database inland and abroad as well as the creation of the company’s website and the assistance in the production of the technical manuals.

Since January 2019, George Panagiotopoulos has been supporting REACH-GR in IT Development tasks as a Consultant for R&D and innovation projects, reinforcing the original mission and concept of REACH Innovation at European level.

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