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paulo leao

Paulo Cesar Leão


Paulo has a specialization degree in Visual Communication and has pursued University studies in Marketing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Paulo has vast experience in visual graphics creation for printed communication material, as well as with computer-based graphics design and multimedia visualization developments and projects, including web-deployment as well as other multimedia products.

Paulo Leão has been part of the research institute ILTC's -  Institute of Logic and Theory of Science, IT & Communication Design Team since mid-90s, and since then he has been involved in various projects with multiple Brazilian universities; big and small industrial partners; as well as with some international organizations.

Paulo was co-founder of the company Estopim Comunicação Estratégica in Rio de Janeiro, which from 2003 to 2010 was a visual communication studio for branding design and the creation of specilized publications and for the design of customized websites. During this period, he has developed management skills and performed various project development tasks like: communication consulting; logo & branding creation, visual corporation identity design, as well as conceptualization for digital graphics design projects.

Paulo has been awarded among the three winners of the Coca-Cola Brazil "Best Ideas" Prize for Communication Design in 2015, supported by the company Innoscience Consulting, for his work in the theme-design category entitled: "How to get your cold and perfect Coca-Cola at any place you wish?"

Paulo Leão supports REACH on tasks related to Visual Communication & Online Marketing Design, involving the creation of communication concepts and graphics for international projects and events, with stronger focus on the Brazilian scenario and market.

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